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Guarantee Policy

Guarantee Policy is a comes up with an assurance of quality medicines providing to our customers. To establish user friendly shopping experience we facilitate 100% Guarantee Policy. It is also used as security for advance payments or payments on account for services agreed upon in a contract.

The Money Back Guarantee Will Be Applied In Following Scenarios

  • If customer receives the faulty or damaged product. Customer need to provide valid claims.
  • Specified quantity of medication not received by customer then money back guarantee policy will be applied or specified drugs proportion will be reshipped with free shipping cost.
  • If a customer receives a different product which he/she didn’t order. This is very rare scenario, in such cases the wrong drugs need to be returned to us and customer will be provided with the fresh package of requested drug at lower price.
  • If by mistake we shipped the medicine to wrong location then we’ll be responsible for resending the medicine to the customer location. If the customer provided the wrong information then it is not our fault.
  • If you wish to cancel the order then one can cancel it within 24 hours after placing an order and the money will be returned within 30 days.

Where Do You Use Guarantee Insurance??

  • Guarantee insurance is  well-known especially in the construction and manufacturing sector. Depending on the projects, you have various types of guarantees.
  • It may be in the construction sector, where a contractor must provide a guarantee in favour of the owner. Or where a subcontractor must provide a guarantee in favour of the turnkey contractor.
  • Or it may in the manufacturing sector, where a supplier must provide a guarantee in favour of the buyer.
  • In both cases, the guarantee secures that the work is completed in accordance with the contractual terms. And if not, that you are consequently compensated for the possible loss.