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Prescription Policy

The Prescription Policy is a medication available in will need to have right prescription policy. Hence we are mandatorily expecting the customer to send a valid prescription details for the respective medicine which customer going to buy. Customer can send us prescription details via email or fax. Com Framed A Prescription Policy And Its Terms And Conditions Are As Follows

  • For the drugs which necessarily need prescription, in such cases drug will be shipped only when the prescription is received.
  • We expect the prescription to be written in English and it must be signed by licensed pharmacist or doctor.
  • If the prescription is not received within 15 days of duration then we consider such order as cancelled.
  • It is important to mention the order number, name mentioned in the fax or email.
  • If any queries contact our customer support executive at any point of time.
  • It combines field-based analysis, policy prescription, and advocacy, with key roles being played by senior management and board members.
  • But mostly, he draws back from policy prescription, offering broad principles instead.
  • Furthermore, the lack of a normative view of the world curtails the ability to propose anything more than a policy prescription, which by definition always assumes a given context.
  •  Prescription  means an order, formula or recipe issued in any form of oral, written, electronic or other means of transmission by a duly licensed practitioner authorized by the laws of this state.
  • Policies Means, insurance policies and insurance Contracts of any kind (other than life and benefits policies or Contracts), including primary, excess and umbrella policies, comprehensive general liability policies, director and officer liability, fiduciary liability, automobile, aircraft, property and casualty, business interruption, workers’ compensation and employee dishonesty insurance policies, bonds and self-insurance and captive insurance company arrangements, together with the rights, benefits and privileges there under. Policy Related Party Transaction Policy.