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Mi-Kit Tablets Description

Mi-Kit comes in the class of drugs that act on the uterus. It is used to induce medical abortion in early pregnancy under the strict guidance of a medical practitioner. Doctors recommend Mi-Kit as an alternative to surgical abortion. Mifepristone and Misoprostol in Mi-Kit act on the uterus and induce contractions resulting in the expulsion of the products of conception. Medical abortion doesn’t require anaesthesia or surgery. It has the advantage of starting the dosage at home or in the doctor’s office and completing the medication schedule according to the advice given by the health practitioner. It doesn’t affect fertility and future pregnancy.
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Abortion pill in California is a combination of two medicines, which is used for medical abortion (terminating a pregnancy). This medicine blocks the action of progesterone, a female hormone required to maintain pregnancy and induce contractions in the uterus, which further helps in abortion.

Abortion pill in California should be taken with food or as per your doctor’s advice. You must start with a dose of Mifepristone. It should be taken orally, by swallowing the tablets whole with a glass of water. If you experience vomiting within 30 minutes of tablet intake, inform your doctor or take another tablet. The medicine may take 24- 48 hours to show its action and you might experience spotting or bleeding. After a period of 36-48 hours, you have to take Misoprostol tablet, either orally or vaginally. You are suggested to have proper rest after this dose intake as it may cause severe stomach pain or vaginal bleeding thus leading to abortion.

The most common side effects of this medicine include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps. If these bother you or appear serious, let your doctor know. There may be ways of reducing or preventing them. Some side effects may mean you should inform your doctor immediately include heavy vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain.

Before taking this medicine, tell your doctor if you have ever had an ectopic pregnancy, or you are breastfeeding or using an intrauterine device. Your doctor should also know about all other medicines you are taking as many of these may make this medicine less effective or change the way it works.  You must avoid strenuous activity like heavy exercise, running and driving while abortion as it can affect the bleeding. Your doctor may perform an ultrasound or pelvic examination to check for abortion completion.



In Medical abortion

Abortion pill in California is used to cause an abortion during the early part of a pregnancy. It is used up to week 10 of pregnancy (up to 70 days after the first day of your last menstrual period). This medicine effectively blocks the natural female hormone, called progesterone, that is needed for your pregnancy to continue. Please use it only as advised by the doctor.


Most side effects do not require any medical attention and disappear as your body adjusts to the medicine. Consult your doctor if they persist or if you’re worried about them

Common side effects of MI-KIT

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach cramp
  • Uterine contractions
  • Menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding)


Take this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Swallow it as a whole. Do not chew, crush or break it. Mi-Kit is to be taken with food.


Mi-Kit is a combination of two medicines: Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which causes abortion. Mifepristone blocks the effects of progesterone, a natural female hormone that is needed for the pregnancy to sustain. Without this hormone, the lining of the uterus (womb) breaks down as it does during a menstrual period and stops the growth of the pregnancy. Misoprostol increases contractions of the uterus to cause abortion.

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30 reviews for Mi-Kit

  1. Donald

    My purchased came the next day after ordering. I paid for overnight shipping. The people who were emailing me the shipping information and ways to pay etc. were very friendly and helpful. I was nervous but they are legit. I took the first pill, no symptoms besides the ones I was experiencing before and took the second pills the next day. I accidentally swallowed the second pills after half an hour however with 4 hours the cramps started and I began to bleed. An hour later my pregnancy symptoms like nausea have already disappeared however I still have cramps which I am managing with Advil. Be ready for at least a few hours downtime because of the pain and bleeding. Wow recommend this to anyone who needs it. The service was amazing!!!

  2. Christopher

    I’m so grateful to all the reviews, but also very scared. I have purchased the Mi-Kit, and I’m 8 weeks pregnant. Looking at all the bad experiences, I’m really scared. I’ve taken Mifepristone today morning. Tomorrow I’m going to take Ibuprofen and then insert the remaining pills in the vagina. Wish me, guys. I’m not worried about the pain, I just want the abortion to be successful. And thanks team for the quick delivery and the discount for using wise.

  3. Daniel

    All the best Rocio. If you have purchased an Mi-Kit, follow the instructions carefully. As far as I have read the reviews on Mi-Kit, it results in successful abortion for 9 weeks and below pregnancy. I had used Mifeprex and Misoprostol. My abortion was successful. Pain is part of abortion, what matters is the result! Try, it is one of the best online stores for abortion pills, choose what suits you, and you may also get an additional discount for choosing wise and other payment gateways.

  4. Anthony

    Abortion bleeding is not so painful or horrifying. But it depends. I had taken Ibuprofen and a nausea pill 1 hour before inserting Misoprostol. As soon as the cramps started, I kept the heat bag in my pelvic region. I had two heat bags, I lay on one, and kept another on top. The hot shower was soothing. Painkillers help in pain relief, also shower, heat bags help you feel better. Try purchasing the Mi-Kit for abortion, from They have good options for transactions and offer discounts for opening an account on wise. All the best!

  5. Eliana

    my boyfriend was skeptical at first, but i wanted to take my chances because we’re still so young and have so much to accomplish; neither of us have even graduated college. it was an easy yet painful decision for me to make, but i had to think about what would be best for us. I am currently enduring the effects of the misoprostol, and it was beyond my expectations. everybody’s experience will be different, but mine was excruciatingly painful and considering the circumstances that i am in, i had to go through it all by myself, but it does work as far as i can tell. i may need to take the second dose of misoprostol tomorrow, but we will see.

  6. Paul

    I got my order the next day after ordering. Great communication with the customer service while I ordered. I used the first dose, saw some spotting and I thew up. 2 days after I used the rest and within 30 minutes I had heavy bleeding and cramps while I was in the shower, the sac also came out. I recommend taking something for nausea because I threw up again.

  7. Steven

    Got the Mi-Kit- At first I thought I had definitely bought fake pills online because I felt nothing following the 4 vaginal pills. I took them at 6pm and didn’t feel any cramps didn’t have any bleeding no side effects nothing. At 6 am. I gushed blood and passed two large clots easily. Cramps are mild. Curee bleeding a little worse than my period would be but nothing crazy. Shipping took 5 days. Processing took one day. Customer service was pretty quick to respond with concerns . Highly recommend .

  8. Ximena

    I was worried about the shipping earlier but thanks to for offering overnight shipping. My parcel arrived within 4 working days.

  9. Andrew

    I was so worried ordering these online would result in something not going right but thankfully this website is fully, 100% legit. The customer service is great because they kept me updated every step of the way. I got my pills in 3 days thanks to overnight shipping. It was a little over 300 dollars but you still save a lot compared to going to a clinic (if you can even find a clinic these days) anyway, I took the first pill and about 24 hours later I inserted the next four vaginally. Then the pain came, it was very intense and there was a lot of blood but as soon as the ibuprofen kicked in, I was okay and able to get through it and you can too. Dont doubt yourself, you’ve got this, girl! The pain lasted maybe 4-5 hours and the heavy bleeding continued as well. I am fairly certain this worked but I’ll get checked out by a doctor to confirm. Thank you so much secure abortion pills, you guys are amazing, keep it up.

  10. Magnolia

    This really helped me

  11. Joshua

    Once payment was received (took two days to process) the kit was shipped right away (I paid extra for overnight shipping.) Used it as directed, and was able to complete the entire process in the comfort of my own home, and saving money in travel. Make sure you have a heating pad and pads before you begin the process. Taking ibuprofen a hour before helped with the pain. Payment was made with a secure third party service (wise, formerly transferwise),and the company name will not show up anywhere on a bank or credit card statement, making your purchase 100% confidential.

  12. Kenneth

    i just wanna say that i am so thankful for this site , not only the pills did justice but the shipping literally came the next day ! i was skeptical of taking it the day of because of the pain and etc but hey it was either now or never ! the pain is literally part of the abortion but mines only lasted up to 4 hours and afterwards it died down and a whole fetus came out … that’s another story but i’m really thankful for this website due to every darn state standing abortions .. don’t feel skeptical about ordering , they are legit ! order and get it out of the way lol this is coming from a 19 year old who learned her lesson and i’ll be sure to come back and order again if i ever need the kit ! god bless whoever runs this website because it was a much need ! 5 star !

  13. Kevin

    Paying with TRANSFERWISE was very easy and confidential, rest no regrets on choosing this website!!! Customer service is phenomenal and it was delivered so fast:).

  14. Maria

    This website is really good for informative blogs on women’s reproductive health. Keep up the good work.

  15. Ashlee

    Mi-Kit are best for ending your pregnancy. This one pill is enough to end your undesired pregnancy if taken as suggested.

  16. Carolina

    I was feeling very sad when the pregnancy was passing but I was not having any other option than abortion as I was facing severe medical issues. However, the pills are really effective and I did not experience any complications.

  17. Irene

    Pills delivered just within 4 days to home. Knowing a well-established healthcare pharmacy online can help several women was great.

  18. Shirley

    A successful abortion with pills finally. Thanks, team for your additional help to make me feel relaxed and unperturbed about the procedure.

  19. Micaela

    I got prompt emails on placing the order and completing the payment. I suppose they have a great backend team.

  20. Mila

    Thank you for all your support and guidance. I personally recommend this website to women who are looking for medical abortion.

  21. Keira

    I am extremely satisfied with the MI-Kit. Good packaging and the pills are also genuine. They did their job as expected. Great alternative to surgical abortion.

  22. Joan

    Thank you so much for helping me out even in my worst condition. I am glad and very happy that I found this website.

  23. Shirley

    Fast delivery, good services, and a user-friendly support team.

  24. Tilly

    I was scared of surgery do, so I choosed Medical abortion with MI-Kit. Thanks a lot for all the support and guidance Bestdrugsmart. I will definitely recommend your website to others.

  25. Leila Lima

    I was not ready to go for surgery so I planned to end the pregnancy with medical abortion. At first, I was scared that will it work or not but when I read reviews I thought to give it a try and ordered the abortion pills. Thankfully after taking it as recommended the bleeding started and my abortion started. I felt so relieved.

  26. Tia Warren

    This was my second medical abortion with MI-Kit. Really effective and does not cause any complications. Must go for it.

  27. Paige

    Thanks a ton for explaining me the process. I am feeling very good now. I don’t know what I would have done if you people didn’t help. Thanks for your support again Bestdrugsmart.

  28. Mae Rodriguez

    I was worried about privacy as I did not want anybody to know about my abortion so I told this website to send me the pills in discreet packaging. They did a good job and delivered the order as I wanted. Thanks a lot, Bestdrugsmart

  29. Ethel Hinkley

    MI-Kit really works well. I have used it for the second time and had a successful abortion. Thank you Bestdrugsmart for being the best pharmaceutical website.

  30. Maggie

    Literally the absolute best you could buy from. They are angels sent from heaven. I ordered the 3-4 shipping and it came in 3 weeks. The product sadly didn’t work but it was because I was too far in the pregnancy for one set of abortion pills to work. They sent another brand for free and with tracking and it came within a week. It worked and I am more than greatfull for them. They answer all questions through text within minutes. They have truly been the best and I apologize for leaving 2 stars before. I was just freaking out that I was going to continue being pregnant. They deserve the absolute world. Thank you.

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