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Where Is Abortion Legal In The World?

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Is Abortion Legal In The World world is fast growing and with its growth has come a change in beliefs and lifestyles. Abortions, previously shamed by many, have garnered more support as seen by the outrage from many across the world from the high court’s recent overturn of Roe v. Wade in America. Although restrictions are still up against abortions in many places in the world, there are others who offer this service and freedom. We want the information on places that offer legal abortions accessible to you.

Why Abortions Should Be Legalized

Is Abortion Legal In The World, many still believe the act of abortion is sinful, immoral, and inhumane. Some even go as far as classifying and writing on abortion as premeditated murder. Therefore, unfortunately, the debate on abortion is seeming like a never-ending one. The problem is mainly based on the unwillingness of some to see the point of view of people who are pro-choice. It is important to acknowledge that legal abortions prevent complications that accompany unsafe abortions. Women in places where abortions are deemed illegal seek abortions in places that could cause a lifetime of pain and damage, and even result in death. For some, death is the only result if a pregnancy that should be terminated due to medical reasons is kept.

The Total Prohibition Of Abortions.

Unfortunately, although abortion is a deeply personal situation, there are countries that out rightly prevent a woman from having the liberty of choice. Countries with laws stating total prohibition of abortions:

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